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Intelligent AR powered by SG Neo



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SG Neo ventures on the forefront of Augmented Reality with the goal to offer product owners and specialists of the SG Group a global assistance tool.
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SG Neo explores sophisticated AR software that implements artificial intelligence for advanced training techniques and virtual remote support.
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The unique SaarGummi solution offers global real time support from specialists.
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Problems are solved with fast reaction time and precision through the net.
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The cognitive AR application is getting better itself while training people and generating manuals in real time.
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SG Neo configures the intelligent software in actual situations. The software learns the individual requirements for literally each step such making it the best support tool for trainings of new employees and cross checks of their work steps. 
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SG Neo experiments with interactive on-site trainings regionally and with the intent to implement them into their worldwide locations. The complex software simplifies cultural boundaries since the visualization of the handling is universally easy to understand.

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SG Neo explores AR properties to visualize and discuss occurring problems online and to engage it for global worker skill recognition and dedicated support levels for the entire SG Group.
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SaarGummi Neo GmbH
An der Windmühle 9-11
66780 Rehlingen-Siersburg
T +49 6835 9559 100
F +49 6835 9559 200

Managing Directors:
Stefan Kurtze, Ralf Bickel
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